Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

Fire TruckThe Longer You Wait After the Fire Trucks Leave the Quicker Costs Mount Up From the Damage That Follows

Professional Construction Services has seen it time and time again. Below is a list of things that can and often do go wrong and get worse over time after a fire. You’ll require professional restoration services to return your residential property to pre-loss condition or better. You can have confidence in PCS restoration services to do what’s right.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

PCS Construction has been in Port Richey, Pasco County, performing Fire Damage Restoration for years and understands that dealing with post-fire issues is a stressful time for home owners. PCS Guys teams of experts makes it easy for you. We take the burden of dealing with the details of the many problems that arise off of your mind and handle them ourselves, including dealing directly with your insurance company through Xactimate so that you get the right amount of coverage to complete the whole job without worries. You deal with just one contractor. We’re A+ with the BBB because of client satisfaction.

We’re certified in fire and smoke damage restoration and remediation. Smoke and related chemical odor removal are tasks requiring certified technicians. Smoke permeates soft furniture, painted surfaces on walls, ceilings, furnishing, and flooring as well. If not eradicated quickly the odors will become trapped and become a permanent part of your home. But that’s not all. Smoke damage is acidic in nature. If you haven’t already jumped to the list of things that can and often do go wrong and get worse over time after a fire then take a moment to do so now. 

Types of Smoke and Soot

Smoke damage includes various types of both wet pungent smeary feeling smoldering lower temperature  smokes, and different dry smokes which occur from high temperatures. Both groups cause smoke and soot damage damage. Protein based smoke* discolors paints and varnishes. When dealing with smoke, essentially we’re dealing with soot. You’re probably most familiar with the types of soot that coat the inside of a chimney or comes from cars and trucks that coat the inside of their exhaust pipes. Depending on what types of materials were burned in your home, office or warehouse there could be dozens of combinations of both wet and dry smokes that our experts need to identify, neutralize and remove. 

Fire Emergency


We recognize that your major concern is to get on with your normal every day routine as much as possible secure in the knowledge that we’ve got the situation under control, and that everything will be back to normal as quickly as possible, but first there are a few important things to take care of: The first thing you should do after a fire is put out is to keep all children and pets away, and move them to a smoke-free location because smoke contains cancer causing gases that can harm their health. Have them stay with friends or family temporarily until more permanent surroundings can be found, but get them out to safety until fire restoration is complete. We do our best to avoid disrupting your daily routine but in some cases when fires are more serious these steps are understandably unavoidable for your loved ones safety.

You may want to go outside and take a few deep breaths before each of these next steps: Open all windows to get air moving and to push out any residual smoke, volatile organic compounds, and carbon monoxide floating around in the air in your home. If you haven’t already contacted PCS Guys and we haven’t taken any photographs yet then the next step for you is to photograph the damage for your insurance company, as well as for any investigation that the fire department may conduct and then make several copies of the photos for those who may need them. You’ll want to photograph personal items of value that we don’t deal with, like laptops and other things covered in your homeowners policy. 

If the power is out empty any freezers or refrigerators and open the doors to allow air to ventilate the interior. 

Don’t sit on or move upholstered furniture or eat any food products, including canned foods that were exposed to the extreme heat of the fire. Cans with seams that have burst open (even microscopic fractures) may become contaminated with botulism, a deadly form of food contamination. 

Keep completely away from anything that’s plugged in. Don’t turn on the furnace or the air conditioning, and stay away from stereos, televisions, toasters, microwaves, and all other electronic and electrical devices until PCS Guys determines that they are safe to use. Plastic and other forms of insulated coatings over copper wiring often melt, crack, corrode or burn away during a fire leaving wires ready to arc, short, and spark brand new fires or even explosions where leaking gas has filled wall cavities. 

Draperies, clothing and machine-washable items need to be laundered in a mild alkaline cleaner to neutralize the acid in the soot, and any fine clothing should be dry cleaned. 


Your every day routine is important to you and we work to maximize your freedom of movement through the areas we’re restoring wherever and whenever it’s safe and possible. We also clean up our work areas at the end of each day so you won’t suffer undo clutter when we’re not there working.

Fire Damage

Fire damage issues can be complex. They include water damage, soot, ash, smoke, and greasy toxic residue… Furnace and fuel oil smoke cause dangerous carcinogenic oily soot and release high levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which must be removed from your home or work environment.

Fire and Smoke Damage are Almost Always Accompanied by Water Damage

One other job of major importance after a fire is the quick removal of flood water caused by fire hoses. Due to water damage and the microbial growth that occurs, we employ microbial decontaminants, and then, once the authorities say your property restoration of the structure is safe to begin, do we start. Flooding also presents a need to either prevent the growth of mold or if it has already started to take hold, to start the remediation of any and all molds growing including black toxic mold under flooring, inside walls, ceilings, and within built in furnishings.

Full Restoration And Remodeling As Necessary

Fire and Smoke Damage

When we can’t clean those things because they’re too far gone, we replace and remodel the damaged areas. Fire and smoke damage remediation is an exact science with precise steps which require that they be followed in a specific order on a timeline in order to work best.

PCS adheres to those scientific methods, follows those steps, and performs them within the proper time frame they must be performed. That’s why we’re Florida’s best.

How the Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration is Performed

PCS Guys have formal and up-to-date specialized training, health and safety certifications, are experienced in a wide range of restoration projects, and are properly insured and licensed.

We practice safety first and use dust masks or respirators (depending upon the type of fire), gloves, and sometimes protective body coverings as we work.

We ventilate your home by placing fans in open windows to push contaminated air and dust out, and sometimes use more fans in open windows to draw in clean air and help create cross ventilation as needed, depending upon the severity of conditions.

From top to bottom we start with the ceilings, walls and fixtures, and work our way down to the contents of the room and then to the floor, dealing with such things as vacuuming floors and upholstery with high powered ultra efficiency hyper HEPA Filter vacuums useful for catching both soot and even mold spores (between 3 and 10 microns in size, a micron is 1/1000,000th of a meter in thickness) to prevent blowing soot and other contaminants back into the air.

Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration Outside 

Particularly when residue outside the structure is heavy, and when your insurance policy covers it, a professional is needed. PCS Guys deals with exterior walls such as stone, wood, brick, siding and paint – including the eaves, by brushing and pressure washing from bottom to top, then rinsing from top to bottom. Sometimes the outside of the home has become distorted and warped through the heat of the fire. PCS Guys takes care of that too.

What is Fire Damage Restoration?

Smoke is an acidic byproduct of fire capable of corroding and staining surfaces such as walls, counters and marble surfaces, and pitting, corroding and rusting metal. Sometimes the water and smoke damage can cause more damage than the fire itself. This is why proper fire restoration deals with heat, smoke and water damage.

Leave it to the Professionals

Again, this isn’t a job for the do it yourselfer. Don’t wipe down any absorbent surfaces such as wood, furniture, walls or wood trim.

Fire and Smoke Damage

The Fire Damage Timeline

Damage Within Minutes of a Fire:

Plastics yellow due to soot. Small appliances discolor, porous materials like marble become permanently discolored.

Damage Within Hours of a Fire:

Grout in bathrooms and fiberglass bath fixtures discolor due to the acid in soot. Any uncoated metals will tarnish. Counter tops turn yellow. Refrigerator finishes yellow, and furniture discolors.

Damage Within Days of a Fire:

Acid residues cause walls to permanently yellow. Metal objects pit, corrode, and rust. The finish on wood furniture is eaten away and needs to be refinished or the furniture needs to be replaced. Vinyl flooring needs replacing or at the very least refinishing, and clothing becomes stained with soot, including upholstery which becomes permanently stained.

Damage Within Weeks of a Fire:

Here is where restoration costs increase dramatically. Synthetic carpets become yellow and discolor permanently. Silver plate is permanently corroded. China, glass & crystal may become severely etched and pitted due to acid in the residue in soot and may require replacement.

PCS Guys work fast with your insurance company to get started before the worst damage can occur. Our service team and insurance experts cut through the red tape and do it all to make it easier for you than anyone else can. PCS Guys, no lies, just the professional guys. Call us at (727) 848-3700 or (855) 727-7465 now.

* dry soot, oil based soot, protein based soot, wet soot