Flood Water Removal, Dry Out,
and Flood Damage Remediation


Big Flood Damage or Small - We repair it allFlood Water Removal and Remediation. We at PCS Inc take care of storm, hurricane and burst pipe flooding.

PCS Construction has been in Port Richey performing Flood Water Removal and Remediation for years, so we understand that dealing with active flooding in progress and post flood issues are stressful and panic driven times. PCS Guys team of experts takes the burden off of your shoulders and makes your life easier as we manage all of the details. You deal with just one contractor instead of half a dozen.

You deal with just one project manager who keeps you informed, directs, tracks and reports progress, and sees to it that your life get back to normal quickly.

Provided that your flooding doesn’t require you to vacate the premises for an extended period of time…

Hernando County Flooding after hurricanes in 2004

The above photo was taken on State Road 50 in Hernando County in 2004 after our last bout of hurricane flooding


…We know that your normal daily routine is important to you so we work to maximize your freedom of movement through the areas we’re restoring back to as good as new or better, and we clean up our work area at the end of each day so you won’t suffer undo inconvenience or clutter when we’re not on premises.

Our Flood Water Removal, Dry Out, and Water Damage Remediation experts are experienced and aware that with flooding, both big and small, water penetrates cracks in floors, seeps under and into walls, and is trapped where it pools and wicks up into porous materials anywhere within your home or business.

Professional Construction Specialists Inc uses the most advanced sensitive electronic moisture detection devices available to the disaster restoration industry today.

Our devices produce infrared imagery which shows variances in moisture content through walls, detecting temperature variances not detectable any other way without using destructive methods. This recorded imagery is then submitted as evidence to your insurer so the complete scope of your restoration job is covered with nothing left out.

That means that with Professional Construction Specialists Inc. there’s no guess work, no needlessly ripping out walls or flooring looking for water damage that “might” there, or missing pools of water that are there that weren’t detected.

What are the risks of not having flooding dealt with professionally?

Catostrophic Flood

At the very least you can expect that letting water logged enclosed spaces dry out naturally over time will cause finishes to separate and peel off, warping and breaking of seams, cracking and splitting, shrinkage and even the separation of formerly joined which should have remained bonded tightly together.

Flood Damage, Not Properly Remediated, Diminishes the Value of Your Property

These things are just some of the things which, if not taken care of quickly, will diminish the value of your home or business upon resale as you’ll have to disclose this information. It’s literally guaranteed that anyone looking to buy, rent or lease your property will want to assess the damage along with any inspectors they may bring in order to determine what they can have taken off the asking price or lease agreement.

Cracking, Shrinking & Splitting After Water Damage

Cracking, shrinking & splitting after water damage are almost inevitable and, just as when dealing with the aftermath of a fire, they’re just the beginning of what can and will go wrong without fast treatment.

Health Issues: Known Contaminants and Diseases in Florida Flood Water

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) Hepatitis A (water-borne) and mosquito carried diseases (vector-borne) are spread along with flood water. With severe flooding where deaths have occurred due to flooding there may also be a risk to those most heavily exposed of contracting such diseases as tuberculosis, bloodborne viruses (such as Hepatitis B/C), and gastrointestinal infections (such as rotavirus diarrhoea, salmonellosis, and E. coli). Confirming that, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), floodwater often contains infectious organisms, including intestinal bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella, and Shigella; Hepatitis A Virus; and agents of typhoid, paratyphoid and tetanus. They also state that floodwaters also may be contaminated by fertilizers and pesticides from fields and gardens and other agricultural or industrial chemicals or even by hazardous agents from the overflow near flooded hazardous waste sites. The presence of wild animals in populated areas increases the risk of diseases caused by animal bites (e.g., rabies) as well as diseases carried by fleas and ticks. The water can also be contaminated with oils and fluids from roadways,  animal droppings, bacteria from the soil, and decaying insects and, according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) rodents including the deer mouse and cotton rat, both known carriers of the Black Creek Canal hantavirus associated with adult respiratory distress syndrome, a type of febrile respiratory syndrome.

Professional Construction Specialists Measure of Excellence Dealing With Flood Water Removal and Thorough Dryout

PCS performs dryout procedures to reduce moisture content to 15% or lower as quickly as possible in order to prevent the growth of mold and prevent other potentially harmful health issues. The moisture removal and dehydration equipment and techniques must be used before reconstruction can take place. If water damage is allowed to remain unattended too long, the least of your worries may be that black mold will occur.

Our PCS Professional Construction Specialists are experienced, certified professionals with the experience and training necessary to contain damage, evaluate mold growth,  identify moisture sources, dry materials so mold will not return, and remove any contamination.