Home Insulation Installation Specialists – Tips Until PCS Guys’ Professionals Arrive

February 2, 2016

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Professional Construction Specialists can perform an energy audit on your whole home to pinpoint areas where cold high pressure air is leaking in in winter (and in summer, when cold high pressure air inside leaks out).

Part of efficient Heating and Cooling is keeping a home both insulated and leak free. If you can’t call PCS Guys right away you could perform an energy audit yourself using a spot thermometer or an infrared gun to show you where your home’s insulation is least effective, but very few people have either one of these devices among any of their tools. Fortunately PCS Guys uses these very infrared devices during during operations other than just checking for leaky insulation areas.

Windows of course are a major area of low insulation concern, and in Florida where storms and hurricane are a frequent occurrence, impact resistant replacement windows like Simonton windows installed by Professional Construction Specialists are an excellent choice.

Many older homes still leak heat energy in winter or fail to insulate against heat in summer, and still have single pane glass installed. Double-paned glass works well, triple pane works better, and in days when double-paned glass didn’t exist a home made DIY trick consisted of attaching clear plastic sheeting over the outside of windows during winter. A company called Frost King sells a 9 window shrink film Window Insulation Kit that does the same thing, and that works with your blow dryer to install it on each window. Do it yourself tricks are ok in the short run, but you’ll want to upgrade to a real solution soon. Sure, when it’s winter and you’re freezing it makes sense to take emergency measures to help, but you don’t want to do that every single year.

Removable Storm Windows were also quite common in the old days, which were essentially just bulky custom cut sized window frames that fit onto hooks on the outside of the house over existing windows. Today there’s not just double pane glass but triple pane as well, and also double pane glass windows with argon gas between the glass. But the large flat panes themselves aren’t the only area where cold leaks in during winter. The trim area is also where the cold leaks in as well. Good caulking (in older window frames) and good insulation around the window frames is important during installation. Many windows still have either aluminum or steel trim framing rather than vinyl which is a non-conductor. Unfortunately these metals conduct heat directly through them and radiate it out wicking your warm indoor air into the cold in winter… and radiate heat from outdoors wicking it directly through to the interior of your home during summer.

Simonton Windows

Simonton windows won’t give you that problem, and they’re just one of the brands installed by by PCS Guys. You can take a look at Simonton’s entire line of high efficiency windows and doors here.

Until you get your new windows (and doors) installed, another old trick to keep cold drafts out is to simply place a rolled up towel at the base of any door (or base of closed windows) where there’s a draft. Some people make special decorative barriers out of cloth on their sewing machines for just this purpose.

In areas where wide gaps between door frames and doors you rarely use you can seal air leaks with thin soft cotton rope easy to push into the cracks.

While such an idea may not be appealing to anyone for the long run, when it’s cold and all you want to do is keep warmer and keep your energy bill down, it will help.

Use old solar heating

No, by solar we don’t mean solar panels on your roof, but old school “vernacular architecture” standard smart use of the sun’s heat during the day to warm the interior of the home by opening up your drapes and blinds during the bright warmer hours of the day and letting the sun heat up the interior of your home. After the sun ducks out of sight, close up those drapes or blinds. While not very effective at insulating, that’s better than nothing until you can get your new windows.

Of course caulking and weatherstripping are also important, relatively easy even for the do-it-yourselfer, and inexpensive, but there’s one other area of concern. This area is testing your duct system for leaks and fixing them. Sometimes small animals like squirrels will gnaw through duct work in your attic or under your home leaking warm air directly outside without it ever reaching you inside. In some cases a small animal will even crawl in and die creating an incredible stink for a time. So not only can having your duct work checked save you money but you’ll be better protected from whatever dust, pollutants, mold and other unexpected organic matter might be leaking in from out of doors as well while you lose heating and cooling.

Give us a call at Professional Construction Specialists before you start your home insulation, windows and doors replacement project. We can give you a free estimate and consultation, and a salesman will even come to  your home if you so desire. Write us a quick request on our contact us page, or call us 9 to 5 Monday to Friday at (727) 848-3700 or (855) 727-7465.

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