Home Property Remodeling Advantages for Hernando, Pasco, Pinellas, Hillsborough and the Tampa Bay Area

December 30, 2015

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Residential Home Property Remodeling Advantages for Hernando, Pinellas, Hillsborough, Tampa, Bruceby Downs, New Tampa, Pasco, Wesley Chapel, Lutz, and the Tampa Bay Area, West Central Florida

West Central Florida Pavers Spring Hill (Photo 2)For home owners not ready to sell, personal gratification and control over the living environment is the most driving factor in remodeling and renovation. Many home owners in the Tampa Bay area enjoy things like ponds in their yards, hot tubs for both personal use and for entertaining, swimming pools, screened in patios and even game rooms. While these things may meet the dream expectations of a select body of particularly choosy buyers who want those things in whatever particular combination, often it will take a good bit of time to find just the right person willing to pay a premium for those things, and don’t be surprised if potential buyers say they intend to tear them out and replace them.

On the other hand if you’re willing to keep the property on the market until just the right buyer comes along and don’t really care when you sell, you can recoup almost all of your costs while simultaneously benefiting from the satisfaction of enjoying your home’s personally pleasing enhancements for years.

The financial return on those sorts of investments (Koi Ponds, game rooms, etc) aren’t considered by you while making such enhancements because they’re measured in a feeling of empowerment and control over your own living environment and in the personal happiness and the quality of life you experience. They’re part of the way you reward yourself for all of the hard work you do earning your money every day. Your home is your vacation.

Home Resale Remodeling Projects That Pay Anywhere

Based on real estate sales history there are certain remodeling projects which universally and substantially raise the value of a property independent of the property’s location. Among those remodeling jobs are:

  • a wooden deck
  • window replacement
  • bathroom remodeling, cabinets, showers, floors, counter tops and sinks
  • kitchen renovation, counter tops, cabinets, kitchen islands
  • front entryways – the first impression potential buyers have when they go to view a home for sale.


While it’s obvious to a homeowner that the added value of living in a home which has been remodeled is rewarded by an increase in the quality of life as well as a sense of well being in having control over the home environment, there are situations where the homeowner finally wishes to sell or even rent a property – so which remolding upgrades are most consistently reliable according to Florida Realtors?

Remodeling Upgrades That Also Boost Sales Value in Florida

Whether you’re a long term home owner now wishing to sell, or just someone involved in purchasing properties, remodeling them and then flipping them for a higher rate of return the “Fix it and flip it” strategy prior to sale adds significant value to the prices of home properties in an up market.

Upgrades do need to be carried out strategically though, depending on the home location in order for these renovations to add real buyer perceived value to the property.

The right first impression provides a sense of security for the buyer that they are making the right financial decision, even if the asking price is above market. The buyer will often be happy to overlook the market value of the property if they are influenced by recent remodeling to feel that the property is merely undervalued. Real estate experts agree that new appliances, energy-saving improvements and kitchen and bathroom remodels, counter tops, and cabinet doors will ultimately pay off.

Tips and Tricks for Fix and Flip Investment Property Renovation/Remodeling

Purchasing a somewhat run down property and choosing which remodeling and renovation jobs will result in the most value requires paying attention to local neighborhood indicators. The return on investment on renovations to the home property won’t be significantly improved if improvements are made that are out of sync with everything else in the area. Looking at three or four of the best properties and then performing renovations to meet those higher standards is the surest way to stand out.

Most home owners intending to remain in their homes should make whatever improvements they will feel provide them with the highest quality of life changes. The sale of the home may bring back all of the investment, but to ensure the resale value increases some simple things should be considered to be the basics that must be in order just prior to moving, and some of these things, like Air Conditioning, are particularly important to the West Central Florida Tampa Bay area. Mind you, these are to assure either the highest selling price, or a real estate selling price up to a good high standard in the area:

  • replace kitchen and sink hardware so all chrome surfaces are new, clean and shiny
  • pay particular attention to the front doorway – door jambs, locks, door, everything new
  • flooring and carpeting – lay new carpet, linoleum, wood laminate flooring
  • curbing – this includes the yard – well groomed cut grass, trimmed edging, dead growth on trees pruned, some ornamental plants, and work on the lawn so it’s as lush and green as possible with no burned or dead patches – don’t cut it too short so it won’t burn, cut it in the early morning or in the evening – water and feed it, and do some weeding.
  • clean gutters and downspouts
  • non leaking roof with at least two or three years left before needing repair or replacement
  • patched and painted walls and ceilings
  • new siding


Not just the look, but also the smell of a safe and cozy home, can be important to helping a buyer make a decision to buy. One tactic that helps create an inviting atmosphere baking an apple pie before a prospective buyer’s arrival to create an environment that is psychologically appealing. Why rely just on vision when smell can help influence the direction of a sale?

Upscale Neighborhood Remodeling and Renovation Improvements

  • Central air conditioning is a concern that will require a properly cleaned and serviced unit, possibly with an upgrade in the air filtration system. This may be particularly important as mold growth in homes where humidity is high could have issues with spores. IQAir filtration systems are rated highest in the world.
  • The addition of a relatively inexpensive well made Honeywell dehumidistat that will keep humidity down while lowering electricity bills because they keep humidity indoors down without running the AC cooling portion of the HVAC itself, making the indoor air more comfortable while simultaneously not providing mold spores with enough humidity to grow.
  • Improvements on an existing garage, such as a beautiful new garage floor
  • An additional bathroom
  • A swimming pool with a wooden deck if above ground
  • In-ground pool paving, patching, repairs and repainting

Home Upgrades To Avoid

In a neighborhood where everyone else has one, converting a garage into a game room or day room isn’t a good choice; If you’re planning on making an addition of such nature, add it on separately. Decorate as tastefully as the most tasteful homes in the area. In subdued environments avoid painting the interior or exterior loud colors or combinations of colors. In certain Tampa Bay areas on the waterfront, it is part of the atmosphere that homes are painted in more vivid festive color combinations to fit in with the tropical beach house motif; so follow the theme of the area you’re in, now where you’d like the location to be.

Remodeling in the West Central Florida Tampa Bay Area

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