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Professional Construction Specialists Uses The Xactimate Insurance Estimate Program to Estimate Your Disaster Remediation Cost Services

When you’ve experienced property damage and are planning to file an insurance claim do you know what your policy covers and what it’s really worth? Professional Construction Specialists Inc knows how to advocate on your behalf. We negotiate a fair settlement directly with your insurance company so you can rest easy.

Our Level 2 – Xactimate Proficiency Power User Contractor/ Estimator insurance certification puts our team in a category of skills that is higher than the competition. Contact us now for help with your claim.

In a world where it’s more and more about the paper, Level 2 is the standard by which contractors are judged. Based on Xactimate’s  functionality and a Level 2 Xactimate Certified Power User on board, Professional Construction Specialists Inc is able to perform accurate sketch and scope operations essential to insure estimate acceptance by insurers.

Sketch and scope must be completed accurately. Professional Construction Specialists Inc’s Xactimate Level 2 Certified power user has access to all functions of Xactimate.

Many times we hear home and business owners say “the insurance company asked me to get some detailed contractor bids.” Here’s why PCS and Xactimate are the perfect combination for your disaster recovery job:

Xactimate is the industry’s leading claims estimating solution, and Professional Construction Specialists uses it. We’re able to estimate graphically using “Sketch” to draw a floor plan, then click on the items we need to add.

Whether estimating by room or by trade; Xactimate integrates seamlessly with the XactAnalysis network or with XactContents, so no matter what type of repair estimating we need to do, Xactimate has the features and data to make the job faster and more detailed than ever before.

Professional Construction Specialists Inc and Xactimate are here for you when you need us – we present your claim and negotiate a fair settlement directly with the insurance companies, saving you time and stress. Call us at (727) 848-3700 or (855) 727-7465 


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